You will be boarding an 80-meter yacht to live on
a unique and exceptional journey.

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When exclusive luxury reaches the far north....

Period: mid-April to mid-May
Duration: 8 days or tailor-made

You will be boarded on an 80-meter yacht to experience a rare and exceptional journey. On board this ice-breaking boat, the service will be provided as in a 5-star hotel: 24 people on board, at your disposal to bring you the best as you conceive it when you want it.
You will sail through the fjords between the huge icebergs of the Disko Bay area, a UNESCO World Heritage site, discovering the wildlife of these Arctic regions.
Heliskiing from a mega-yacht in Greenland is undoubtedly the most extraordinary experience you can have.

Why this experience in Greenland

  • The proximity of this Arctic destination
  • Staying aboard a mega-yacht
  • Navigating in the middle of icebergs
  • The infinite spaces on the ice cap
  • The quality of skiing in the West Coast fjords