Discover this preserved and unique continent through a
rare and exclusive trip aboard a mega-yacht.

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A new luxury experience

December to February.

7 days or bespoke

The continent of all fantasies to be discovered while sailing aboard a mega-yacht: one of the most beautiful shows in the world.
The peninsula’s omnipresent mountains, which can exceed 3,000 vertical meters, are of unparalleled majesty and will be a privileged playground for your walks or ski touring.
A wild and powerful nature, an important terrestrial and aquatic fauna, this fascinating journey is definitely among the most extraordinary to accomplish.

Why this experience in Antarctica

  • A unique and unique place in the world.
  • The organization with a scientist on board the boat.
  • Navigation around the Antarctic Peninsula
  • The midnight sun with the permanent day.
  • The practice of ski touring on this continent.
  • The panoramic views with the helicopter.
  • A rare and exclusive journey.